Oscar | Campos

Oscar.Campos ucsf.edu

Postdoctoral Scholar


Postdoctoral Scholar
University of California, San Francisco

Postdoctoral Scholar
University of California, Los Angeles

Ph.D., Molecular Biology
University of California, Los Angeles

M.Sc., Kinesiology
Western University

B.Sc., Kinesiology
Western University

Research Interests

Synthetic epigenetics and multicellular differentiation


2022-2025 Helen Hay Whitney Fellowship

2021 UCSF Health Innovation via Engineering Emerging Fellows Program

2016 UCLA Grad Division Dissertation Year Fellowship

2013-2016 Philip Whitcome Pre-doctoral Training Fellowship


Attar N*, Campos OA*, Vogelauer M*, Cheng C, Xue Y, Schmollinger S, Salwinski L, Mallipeddi NV, Boone BA, Yen L, Yang S, Zikovich S, Dardine J, Carey MF, Merchant SS, Kurdistani SK. The histone H3-H4 tetramer is a copper reductase enzyme. Science. 2020 07 03; 369(6499):59-64. * Co-first authors.

Xue Y, Schmollinger S, Attar N, Campos OA, Vogelauer M, Carey MF, Merchant SS, Kurdistani SK. Endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria junction is required for iron homeostasis. J Biol Chem. 2017 08 11; 292(32):13197-13204.

Macadangdang BR, Oberai A, Spektor T, Campos OA*, Sheng F, Carey MF, Vogelauer M, Kurdistani SK. Evolution of histone 2A for chromatin compaction in eukaryotes. Elife. 2014; e02792.

Hall KE, McDonald MW, Grisé KN, Campos OA*, Noble EG, Melling CW. The role of resistance and aerobic exercise training on insulin sensitivity measures in STZ-induced Type 1 diabetic rodents. Metabolism. 2013 Oct; 62(10):1485-94.

Murias JM, Dey A, Campos OA*, Estaki M, Hall KE, Melling CW, Noble EG. High-intensity endurance training results in faster vessel-specific rate of vasorelaxation in type 1 diabetic rats. PLoS One. 2013; 8(3):e59678.

Murias JM, Campos OA*, Hall KE, McDonald MW, Melling CW, Noble EG. Vessel-specific rate of vasorelaxation is slower in diabetic rats. Diab Vasc Dis Res. 2013 Mar; 10(2):179-86.

* Equal contribution