Jungmin | Lee

Jungmin.Lee ucsf.edu

Postdoctoral Fellow


2021 - Present
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of California, San Francisco

2015 - 2020
Ph.D., Chemistry
Harvard University
Advisor: Pamela Silver

2011 - 2015
B.S., Chemistry
Duke University

Research Interests

Synthetic biology approaches to improve immunotherapy for solid tumors


2021 Robert L. Fine Cancer Research Postdoctoral Fellowship

2015 Hypercube Scholar Award

2014 1st Place, Frank and Sara McKnight Prize in Biochemistry

2014 Biochemistry Summer Research Fellowship, Duke University


Lee, J., Vernet, A., Gruber, N.G., Kready, K.M., Burrill, D.R., Way, J.C. and Silver, P.A. Rational engineering of an erythropoietin fusion protein to treat hypoxia. Protein Engineering, Design and Selection. Under revision.

Lee, J., Vernet, A., Redfield, K., Lu, S., Ghiran, I.C., Way, J.C. and Silver, P.A. Rational design of a bifunctional AND-gate ligand to modulate cell–cell interactions. ACS Synthetic Biology 9(2), 191-197 (2020).

Lee, J., Redfield, K., Way, J.C. and Silver, P.A. Minimizing side effects, maximizing returns – what makes a smart therapeutic design? The Biochemist (Lond) 41(3), 28–32 (2019).

Kahsai, A.W., Wisler, J.W., Lee, J., Ahn, S., Cahill III, T.J., Dennison, S.M., Staus, D.P., Thomsen, A.R.B., Anasti, K.M., Pani, B., Wingler, L.M., Desai, H., Bompiani, K.M., Strachan, R.T., Qin, X., Alam, S.M., Sullenger, B.A. and Lefkowitz, R.J. Conformationally selective RNA aptamers allosterically modulate the beta-2-adrenoceptor. Nature Chemical Biology 12(9), 709–716 (2016).