Lim Lab | Contact

Mailing Address
UCSF MC 2240
Genentech Hall Room N414
600 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94158-2517
Phone Numbers
Wendell Lim Office 415-502-8080
Noleine Blizzard 415-514-4137
Lab Telephone 415-502-8133

Inquiries about POSTDOCTORAL positions should be emailed to Wendell Lim and cc'd to Noleine Blizzard.

Please also have three letters of reference emailed; include applicant's name in the subject line.

Postdoctoral candidates should consider applying for the McDonnell Foundation Fellowship for Studying Complex Systems (prior to choosing postdoc mentor)

Open position - Junior Specialist . We are seeking motivated Jr. Specialist who will work closely with project scientists in driving forward critical projects in the institute. Candidates will perform a variety of experimental techniques such as PCR, plasmid prep and purification, molecular cloning, cell culture (cell lines and primary cells), flow cytometry, and ELISA-like assays. The successful candidate should be able to learn new cell biological assays and execute them as necessary independently. This is an outstanding opportunity for young scientists interested in gaining deeper real world experience in cell engineering and synthetic biology research. Candidates will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. Interested applicants should follow directions indicated here.

Inquiries about GRADUATE training should be directed to one of the following graduate programs:

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