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Structure of the Enabled/VASP Homology 1 Domain–Peptide Complex: A Key Component in the Spatial Control of Actin Assembly

Kenneth E. Prehoda, Do. J. Lee, and Wendell A. Lim
Cell 97, 471-480 (1999)

The Enabled/VASP homology 1 (EVH1; also called WH1) domain is an interaction module found in several proteins implicated in actin-based cell motility. EVH1 domains bind the consensus proline-rich motif FPPPP and are required for targeting the actin assembly machinery to sites of cytoskeletal remodeling. The crystal structure of the mammalian Enabled (Mena) EVH1 domain complexed with a peptide ligand reveals a mechanism of recognition distinct from that used by other proline-binding modules. The EVH1 domain fold is unexpectedly similar to that of the pleckstrin homology domain, a membrane localization module. This finding demonstrates the functional plasticity of the pleckstrin homology fold as a binding scaffold and suggests that membrane association may play an auxiliary role in EVH1 targeting.