Jasper | Williams

Jasper.Williams ucsf.edu

Graduate Student


Graduate Student
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics Program
University of California, San Francisco

2010 - 2014
B.A., Chemistry and Biology
Bard College

Research Interests

Synthetic biology to engineer T cells for cancer immunotherapy.


2016-2019 Discovery Fellowship (UCSF)

2016-2017 Genentech Fellowship (UCSF)

2016,2017 Quantitative Biosciences Consortium Retreat Poster Award (UCSF)

2014 Dr. Richard M. Siegel Memorial Prize in Science (Bard College)

2013 Distinguished Scientist Scholarship (Bard College)

2013 Charlotte F. Michos Award (Bard College)

2012-2013 Citizen Science Civic Engagement Fellowship (Bard College)


Roybal, K.T., Williams, J.Z., Morsut, L., Rupp, L.J., Walker, W.J., McNally, K.A., Lim, W.A. "Engineering T cells with Customized Therapeutic Reponse Programs Using Synthetic Notch Receptors". Cell (2016) Oct. 6; 167, 419-432.

Bartal, I.B., Murray, T.M., Williams, J.Z., Decety, J., Mason, P.; "Emotional contagion motivates helping behavior in rats." Under Review.