Jasper | Williams

Jasper.Williams ucsf.edu

Graduate Student



Graduate Student
Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacogenomics Program

2010 - 2014

B.A., Chemistry and Biology
Bard College

Research Interests

Use of synthetic biology to engineer T cells for cancer immunotherapy.


2014 Dr. Richard M. Siegel Memorial Prize in Science (Bard College)

2013 Distinguished Scientist Scholarship (Bard College)

2012-2013 Citizen Science Civic Engagement Fellowship (Bard College)


Roybal, K.T., Williams, J.Z., Morsut, L., Rupp, L.J., Walker, W.J., McNally, K.A., Lim, W.A. "Engineering T cells with Customized Therapeutic Reponse Programs Using Synthetic Notch Receptors". Cell (2016) Oct. 6; 167, 419-432.

Bartal, I.B., Murray, T.M., Williams, J.Z., Decety, J., Mason, P.; "Emotional contagion motivates helping behavior in rats." Under Review.